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Project description: Create a broadcasting TV News or Radio Talk show in group using one of the nursery rhymes as a main theme. Add to that two fictional TV or Radio commercials as the broadcasting show sponser.


Due Date to turn in the project: December 10th (two weeks)





1. Meet with the group to decide the theme and the broadcast media.


2. Together create the script and decide the play roles for each one on the group.


3. Reheasal (practice) once or twice and then record with the camera.

REMINDER: The audio and the light gotta be nice.  


4. Make the edition on movie maker or other editing software you are familiar with. 

REMINDER: If you cant do that step give the images (videos) to the teacher and he can help you with the editing.


5. Once you finish with the broadcasting show, decide about the commercials and repeat the steps above.



Broadcast Samples
Commercials Samples

Broadcast Project   |   Info & samples

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