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Hello dear parents!


Directions, Places, Occupations, Menu, Meals, Sightseeing, through conversation and interaction its a good way for improving vocabulary skills a great opportunity to go on a field trip in the city. 


This field trip is going to happen on Sunday, December 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Sao Paulo Asian District - Japao Liberdade (or Chinatown).


The purpose of this field trip is to get used to Public Transportation Services, public information signs in English, language skills improvement, etc.


Here you are the Field Trip Itinerary:


10:00 - Drop off at Brooklyn Subway Station (Estaçao do metro Brooklin).

         - 1 Train changing: from purple line to blue Line

10:40 - Liberdade district exploring

          > Stores

          > Open air market

          > Japanese Gardens

12:30 - Lunch time at MOMO Lamen (


13:30 - About this time we will catch the blue line subway at Liberdade subway station and head back home.

3:30 - Pick up at Brooklyn Subway station (Estaçao do metro Brooklin).


Here some information about the Metro / Train system




Since this field trip is to practice the English language the students can only participate if they agree to speak only English during the event. This invitation was sent only to the students that have improved their English Speaking Skills during classes which may carry a conversation between friends.


Max number of students per field trip = 05

Minimum age to participate = 11 years old



Public transportation fares: R$ 4,50 one way ticket

Lunch at MOMO Lamen: From R$ 35,00 - R$ 50,00 (meals)


I hope you guys have a great week and I see you on Saturday.

REMEMBER to wear comfortable outfit including tennis shoes and have money change for the subway tickets.


Best Regards,

Mr. Ermeson



district of Sao paulo




until FRIDAY, 6th

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