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This year all students will be exchanging

Holiday cards with American volunteers.


The purpose of our Holiday Cards Exchange Project is to have students create physical holiday cards or letters for other participating students or volunteers around the world - this year, The United States of America. 

How to participate:


Step 01:
Buy or CREATE your Holiday Card(s).

Don't forget the envelope. ;-) 

Step 02:

Together, with your parents or Teacher Ermeson/ Mr. Erickson, write  your Holiday Cards/Letters. 


Step 03:

With your parents help, fill out the address and all the needed information on each envelope. 

Step 04:

Put your Holiday Cards inside the envelopes and seal using glue.

Step 05:

Ask mom or dad to make a really quick trip to the POST OFFICE and post your Holiday cards before December 1st.

Step 06:

That's it! Now you can just relax, wait and check your mailbox regularly. You never know when your Holiday Cards might be arriving from the USA.


If you would like to join our regular Online Penpal Program please talk to us for more info or Visit our profile on PenPal


Our volunteers are mostly former students of Mister Ermeson. Some of them are Mr. Erickson's close friends and, also, some are related to him. Everyone on the list below Lives in

the United states of America.

> Taylor Darden

> Kat Lemon

> Liz Wiese

> Lynn Wiese

> Charlotte and Lizzy Gordon

> Jackie Billek

> TJ DeLuca

> Ray Garcia

> Barbara Peirce

> Heather Dietz

> Chris Aucoin-Melohn

> Darien Jeffery

> The Heyes Family

> Madeline McFadden

> Rose Azrael

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