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by Mr. Ermeson and  Mr. Erickson
Source: MINDtools

We remember things best immediately after we've read, heard or watched them. But, as time passes, our memories begin to fade. That's why reviewing information regularly is so important. It allows us to transfer new knowledge and skills from short-term to long-term memory, and then keep it there.


The more valuable or complex the information is, the more effort we need to put in.Review strategies are techniques for reengaging with information that you have already learned, so that it stays fresh in your mind.


They're particularly valuable when you're learning for a specific purpose – for instance, revising for an assessment or exam.They can also be helpful for remembering information in general. For example, when you want to remember people's names or when you need to learn a new system or process.​

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- Vocabulary - Listen and repeat


- AT sound - Listen and repeat

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Vocabulary - Pronunciation


- pronunciation - I Like - vocabulary

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