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Brazilian Portuguese

     meetings for foreigners.




Information about our online Portuguese Meetings:


1. They are comfortably held at your place/ work/ favorite spot once or twice a week when available.

2. They last approximately 50 mins each.

3. They are 90% conversation-based, focusing on pronunciation, grammar correction, and spoken and written communication.

4. Conversation practice with a native Brazilian speaker. 

5. We blend learning and fun, by using reading, listening, acting, playing and gaming.

6. If possible we have field trips with other students and sometimes travel as well. We also hold online game nights with students and friends.

7. UNFORTUNATELY, we can't replace classes due to our tight schedule, so try to not miss our meetings.

How it works?

Click here for more info about the online program. (in Portuguese)

ENG - You will basically need to use a laptop or desktop computer with Google Meet access. You must have headphones, camera, and a microphone for best interaction during the meetings.



Let's find a time for your meetings:

1. Fill out the form with your (student) information.

2. Submit by pressing the SEND button.

3. Wait for us to contact you. As soon as we have your information, we'll check our schedule and contact you for more details.


Thanks for your time. 

Best Regards,

Mr. Ermeson

portuguese Version

        Our Teachers in 2024.  

                      Brazilian Teacher

________Mr. Ermeson

                      American Associate

___________Mr. Erickson

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