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Visual Arts Teacher | Art-Educator.


Position for institutional environments such as schools and museums being part of the teacher's staff and working with students in the classrooms or creative workshop places.


The classes may be conducted in Portuguese or in English.




Art-Educational Consulting


Our consulting program aims to expand the concept of art education not only among the Teachers staff but to develop tools for a better performance of visual arts teachers in educational institutions.


Our consulting schedule its simple and includes:
[] Observation and institutional analysis.
[] Restructuring and recycling process.
[] Projects and operational tools development.
[] Presentation and application of art-educational proposals.






Development & Organization of Art-Educational Projects and

Art Exhibitions for schools.


As a former student in the discipline of Educational Curator: Elements For A Practice Critical-Reflective of Art Education in Institutions, at ECA-USP and as Bachelor of Fine Arts at UAM \ UEM universities, I am able to develop projects in the field of arts for schools and promote events of educational and cultural processes involving the relationship between art and public at museums, cultural institutions, social projects and schools.


The following are developed and implemented projects:
[] Jorge Amado: He wrote two books for children.
[] Lasar Segal: From Lithuania to Brazil!
[] Romero Britto and the study of the primary colors.
[] I am a child, just like Portinari was!
[] Saint Jhon's Festival: Tradition, Culture and Art.
[] Creative Process.



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