I hope you're all doing well and that the new year is treating you very well so far.


As we follow the American School Year calendar, here is some basic info about the program:

::  SEMESTERS                                                                                                           

2nd Term 2020   From February 1st to June 20th                                                      

Winter break ........June 21st - August 2nd (No Classes)

1st Term 2021    From August 2nd to December 17th                                                

Summer break .....December 18th - February 1st (No Classes)


::  HOLIDAYS                                                                                                            

The following dates won't have classes. These are national holidays or holidays' bridges* which haven’t been added or charged on your final purchase:


February: 15th - 17th (Carnaval Holiday + Ash Wednesday) 


April: 1st - 4th (Holy Thursday, Good Friday + Easter), 

         21st (Tiradentes) - Brazilian National Holiday

May: 1st (Brazilian Labor Day)

         31st (Memorial Day - American Holiday)

June: 3rd - 4th (Corpus Christi + Holiday bridge)

July: 4th (Independence Day - American Holiday)

        1st - 4th (American Independence Day Week)

September: 6th (Labor Day - American Holiday)

                  7th (Brazilian Independence Day)

                  14th - 20th (TRIP to USA) NOT confirmed duo to COVID-19

October: 11th (Columbu’s Day - American Holiday)

              12th (Children's Day / Lady of Aparecida Day).

              31st (Halloween - American Holiday).

November: 1st - 2nd (All Souls Day + bridge), 

                 15th (Proclamation of the Republic Day) Brazilian National Holiday,

                 20th (Black Awareness Day in Brazil) ,

                 21st - 27th (Thanksgiving week - American Holiday).


::  EXTRA EVENTS                                                                                                     

Special Classes IF happening this year you will be charged only if you attend. REMEMBER... to be part of those events YOU MUST subscribe and confirm your presence.

Extra Classes: such as cooking and exercise activities, walking around

the block, or Restaurant/Pub activities, are usually held on regular

class days (no extra charge). They will be scheduled and advised with two

weeks notice so you have time to organize yourself.

PS.: Some of those activities might need confirmation of attendance for the event.


Extra Conversation Classes can be scheduled in 20, 30 or 40 mins talking and chatting with a Native English Speaker. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic situation this year those classes will be held only on-line.

These classes MUST be scheduled in advance with an extra cost of R$ 20.00 or R$ 330.00 or R$ 40.00 (Reais) per class.

For more info please contact Mr. Ermeson.

::  BILLING                                                                                                              


Your billing always happens on the 10th day of every month.

Please check your email box or WhatApp msgs for your payment invoice which is sent monthly on the 1st. If you chose the Monthly Signature plan through your credit card you don't have to worry since it will be billed monthly automatically.


For more info, questions/concerns or suggestions please contact me through a phone call, WhatsApp text message, email or at www.ermeson.com/contact


Best Regards,

Mr. Ermeson